TOP 10 Cryptoexchanges – 10 best Crypto Exchanges in 2018

It’s debatable if all the buzz regarding cryptocurrencies is going to continue on through the next change of the coming year. Many investors think that the market is going to get back to normal at this point. However, don’t start thinking this means it’s not worth it to buy cryptocurrencies anymore. Market capitalizations are on the rise and the main Cryptocurrency exchanges are recording a steady growth in their user bases. Now might actually be the best time to get in the game and start trading. The question is which crypto exchange should you choose? Like many others you may be wondering where you can buy Bitcoins fast, cheap and securely? Here are the top 10 crypto exchanges according to our research:

The Binance Crypto Exchange

As of this writing Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges, and it’s also one of the fastest growing. It’s based in Shanghai and first went live online in July of 2017. Very shortly thereafter it had become a top 10 trading platform. It’s founder Changpeng Zhao was heavily involved in starting both OKChain and BijeTech.

Having cryptocurrency with the same name makes it a very special currency exchange. Its own BNB coin is used to pay transaction fees. To make it even more attractive to use them, users get discounts on their fees when they pay with BNB coins. The discount is tiered by year and starts at 50% the first year. And drops off completely in year five.

One more notable aspect is a huge variety of different altcoins. Not only are you able to purchase Bitcoins, but in this exchange, you can also buy many of the smaller coins as well. They offer what’s known as Community Coin of the Month which allows users to vote on the altcoin they should list.

Minimal service fees are an additional good point for this particular exchange. Their fees are only .1% of your trading quantity, this does not include the discount.

As for safety and security: hackers attempted to break into the platform and were unsuccessful. It doesn’t appear as though they get many complaints about security for their users. The user interface is very clear and easy to use. They even have an app for both Android and iOS smartphones. Registration is extremely easy, as all you need is an email address and you’ll be all set. One thing to be aware of here is that there’s a limit of 2 Bitcoins per day if you only have their simple registration account. You’ll have to get a full authentication registration in order to gain access to the advanced site features. There’s a good reason Bianance is currently one of the most used crypto exchanges. If you’re a beginner you’ll definitely want to look into registering with this exchange.

The Advantages

  • Really cheap trading costs
  • The high level of security and their bug bounty program
  • A large number of altcoins available for trade on the exchange

The Disadvantages

  • It’s not possible to purchase Fiat cryptocurrencies

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The Coinbase Crypto Exchange

Coinbasehas the distinction of being the largest crypto exchange in the United States. Founded by a U.S. company in 2012 they’ve been able to grow a very large user base. The only problem here is there aren’t a lot of cryptos you can purchase on the platform. They are currently only offering 30 currencies. The most well-known of these are Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin.

However, they do offer an excellent variety of payment methods for settling your trading charges. With fees of just 1.49%. If you wish to trade with a credit card the fee is 3.99%. You can also buy and sell via SEPASEPA if you’d like. There are no fees associated with deposits. There is, however, a charge of .15 for platform transfers. And a limit of $500 in the beginning which does not apply to cryptocurrencies. All payments are lightning quick. Taking only seconds to complete.

This interface is super clear. This includes a very clean and simple design as well. And the same can be said for their app. As soon as you log in you’ll see all of the charts and have access to your wallet. You can send coins to an offline wallet Via their app without any problems. With oversight of the company being done in the U.S., they are seen as very trustworthy.

This platform provides a very secure experience. The main reason behind this is that they use Google’s OAth application for two-factor authentication. Trhough this method you’re required to scan a QR code in order to get your security code.

Registration is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes. This exchange is absolutely worth giving it a try.

The Advantages

  • They have a very high-security level
  • User-friendly experience all the way around
  • One of the most used exchanges

The Disadvantages

  • There are a limited number of Altcoins

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The CEX.IO Crypto Exchange

CEX.IOe is a London based exchange which is also where it was founded back in 2013. When it was started it provided cloud-mining and specialized in Bitcoin. It also owned but chose to close that mining-pool down in 2015.

Through this exchange, you’re able to trade Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, Zcash, Stellar and Ripple. One of its best features is that you can do your buying and selling with euro or dollars. Some of the cryptocurrencies can be purchased using British pounds, and you can even use the rouble to purchase Bitcoin. Along with being able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, experienced traders will be happy to see some of the other options that are available. Options like being able to set buy limits, as well as instant buy orders. It should be noted that margin trades are possible.

CEX.IOe provides a characteristic much like a currency exchange. Ethereum and Bitcoins are purchased right through CEX, but whenever you’re exchanging direct the fees tend to be a little more overall. Payments are accepted via bank transfer or credit card. Trading costs range from .10% to .25% and rise and fall depending on your trading volume. With a basic account, you can have a trading volume of up to $400 per day, and $2000 per month. With a verified account these limits increase to $10,000 per day and all the way up to $100,000 per month.

CEX employs a two-factor-authentication in order to authenticate your account. In order to authenticate you can utilize the Google Authenticator app or send a Text message. Following that, you must identify yourself with personal information. An email address is all you’ll need in order to open a basic account. Because CEX is regulated by both American and British authorities they are considered very safe and highly reputable.

The Advantages

  • Simple to use
  • Fiat pairs can be used to purchase cryptos

The Disadvantages

  • They only offer a minimal number of different Altcoins

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The Changelly Crypto Exchange

Like some others, Changelly was also a mining-pool when it started. It was founded as a crypto exchange in 2016 and now specializes in quick transfers of one type of cryptocurrency to another. You can purchase cryptocurrencies using fiat money as well. They do offer a wide variety of different cryptocurrencies. Besides the usual Ethereum and Bitcoins, they also make Monero, Dash, Ether Classic, Steem Dollar and quite a few more available.

Transactions take up to 30 minutes at a cost of 5%. They accept either Mastercard or Visa for deposits. You will be asked your crypto preference. Then find the best price for you. This bot also questions users about what cryptocurrencies he would like to exchange. Has the ideal coupling been discovered, then the exchange will on its own transfer the coins between wallets.

Changelly uses the two-factor-authentication. During registration, you’ll definitely need your wallet address, since the coins are not kept within the exchange. Use a wallet you already have and you won’t have any problems registering.

The Advantages

  • They’re really fast
  • The super simple interface

The Disadvantages

  • Higher than average fees

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The LocalBitcoins Crypto Exchange

When it comes to buying Bitcoins, has been around longer than just about any of the others. Founded by Jeremiah Kangas in 2012. It’s based in Helsinki, Finland. It is only for trading Bitcoins. It has its own set of advantages as the trades are carried out a little differently.

You’re able to compare with the eBay classified ads. The actual trading is all done through a peer-to-peer system, with the company simply providing you the platform. They’ve created a good reputation within the platform to help protect users. Traders are ranked by others based on the other trades they’ve done. With an especially friendly escrow system. The way it works any money sent is put in a trust right on the exchange. This requires that the seller confirm closed transactions before funds are released.

There is a 1% fee for sellers, plus the Bitcoin network fee. Along with their two-factor-authentication system, they also require that each user login with a personal PIN. The code is originally sent to a user’s phone. Other login guards include a check to ensure that logins occur through the same computer or browser. Even with their tight security registration can be done fairly quickly. It is definitely a platform that is worth giving it a try.

The Advantages

  • You’re able to do peer-to-peer Crypto trades

The Disadvantages

  • The trusting community

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The HITBTC Crypto Exchange

HITBTC was started in 2014 by Hit Techs Limited. They are based in the city of Hong Kong However since 2015, it has been registered with British authorities. This is a good thing as it means it is a more trustworthy platform.

The first thing new users will notice is the large selection of cryptocurrencies being made available. They have all the most popular ones like Ethereum and Bitcoin, plus a whole lot more. Tether can be used to trade most of the altcoins on this exchange, and this is good since Tether is backed by the dollar and is very stable. Tether is another development from the founder of HITBTC. This is a connection that has been somewhat controversial. It’s also possible to make your purchase with dollars or euro on this exchange.

The service fees at HitBTC tend to be low-priced. “Takers”, meaning those who purchase available coins, only pay .1%. While “Makers”, those that set up offers, receive a discount of .01%. The system makes use of new technology to bring together trading-pairs, for instance, a real-time settlement process. This platform is more for seasoned traders, beginners may have trouble with adjusting to it. Graphs are generally shown and live purchases can be seen in real-time. Registration is easy as a previously unused email address is all you’ll need.

Their two-factor-authentication provides more safety. The Google Authenticator application will enable you to safeguard your new account. This is really a useful substitute for other exchanges, it’s worth a try.

The Advantages

  • Very good security
  • A wide variety of Altcoins
  • Reasonably low fees

The Disadvantages

  • Their user interface is not the easiest to work with and get the hang of.

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Cryptopia Exchange

Cryptopia was established in 2014 by Adam Clark and Rob Dawson in New Zealand. It’s managed by a company called Cryptopia Limited. They have distinguished themselves by creating an all-in-one type of website. It’s where cryptocurrencies, your wallet along with the sites mining-pool are all accepted.

Another benefit is the rather large number of cryptocurrencies available for purchase. There are a lot of mostly unknown coins available for sale here. Of course, there are also the more well-known ones as well, like Ethereum, Bitcoins, and Dash. Another good thing is you can find a lot of cryptocurrencies here that are hard to find at any other exchange. Right now they have noted that they have about 600 different coins listed and available.

Registration is quick and easy, and all you need is an email address. On the level 1 account, there is a limit on withdrawals of $5,000 per day. That’s New Zealand dollars. To get a new level 2 account you’ll need personal documents. You’ll then have a higher daily withdrawal limit of $50,000.

A safe environment is maintained with a two-factor-authentication system. Each trade requires a .20% fee. One problem with this exchange is The user interface can be a bit confusing when getting started. Also, you will not be able to trade using either euro or dollars. Since they do have a good variety of coins they’re worth taking a look at.

The Advantages

  • Lots of Altcoins
  • They have their own marketplace.

The Disadvantages

  • The confusing user interface
  • There are a lot of garbage coins listed.
  • Low trading volume

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BitMex Crypto Exchange

BitMex is part of HDR Global Trading. It was established in 2014 by Samuel Reed, Ben Delo and Arthur Hayes The CEO is Arthur Hayes, who until 2013 worked for Deutsche and Citi Bank in Hong Kong. Realizing the enormous opportunities that were available in cryptocurrencies he started his platform.

BitMex is primarily a Bitcoin trading exchange. Even offering trades with Bitcoin futures. It is actually possible to establish leverages with the Bitcoin trading, plus margin trading is possible. BitMex targets seasoned traders who desire additional choices.

The user interface offers the experienced trader with a sufficient amount of details, although newbies may get lost. Users are able to set several types of orders, like stop orders, market orders and iceberg orders. Along with Bitcoins, quite a few other coins can be traded as well. Like Zcash, Ripple, Ethereum Classic and several others. While this isn’t a huge section, you’ll find all the normal favorites there.

Trading fees vary based on the currency being traded. Registration on this exchange is amazingly simple. all it takes to get full site access is an email address and location. This is one you should try out.

The Advantages

  • Very easy, newbie friendly sign up
  • A wide variety of trading options for advanced traders
  • Bitcoin future trading

The Disadvantages

  • This platform is not very newbie friendly
  • Very few Altcoins

Signup to BitMex

The Bitfinex Crypto Exchange

Bitfinex is an exchange that was started in Hong Kong in 2013. They were attacked by hackers in 2016 and ended up losing $72 million worth of Bitcoins. An event that let to global Bitcoin prices dropping almost 20%. It has since recovered and gone on to become one of the largest exchanges around. This is even after compensating the users who lost capital during the hacker attack.

The exchange keeps a large number of cryptocurrencies to purchase. But only just Ethereum and Bitcoin, but it’s also EOS, Bitcoin Cash, NEO, IOTA, Litecoin, Zcash and quite a few more. Right now there are 80 trading pairs. There aren’t any fees at all for withdrawals. You can complete your transaction through credit card, bank account, Paypal and even fiat money.

Fees are set based on trading volume. Transactions less than $500,000 will cost the maker .1% and the taker pays .2%. To register and get started you’ll only need an email address. You should be aware that you will not be able to withdraw or deposit Tether or fiat money with a basic account. To become fully verified you’ll need to provide identification.

The user interface is one that will appeal to advanced traders. If you’re an advanced trader you will want to give this exchange a good look.

The Advantages

  • A wide variety of trade-pairs
  • There are no limits after you become verified
  • Margin Trading available

The Disadvantages

  • Fees are on the high side

Bittrex Exchange

Bittrex is a very trustworthy American exchange. Started in April of 2014. One of its main objectives is to be very secure. If you want to withdraw funds you will be required to go through a fairly complicated process. Once you’ve verified you can withdraw cryptocurrencies valued at up to 100 Bitcoins per day.

On this exchange, you will not be able to withdraw or deposit fiat money, and can only trade cryptocurrency using cryptocurrency. Of which they do have a great selection. There is a .25% fee on all transactions.

If you wish you have the option to store your Bitcoins in a cold wallet. The website interface is well laid out and easy to navigate. If you’re one who just wants to buy and sell currencies this is an exchange you’ll want to give a try.

Difficult verification system

It’s not possible to purchase with Fiat

In closing

Through the exchanges listed here, one can buy, sell and trade just about any cryptocurrency. It doesn’t matter if you’re an advanced trader or a beginner, you’ll find what you need.

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